We cannot direct the wind,
but we can adjust the sails.

Life can dish up many challenges.  Sometimes we just aren’t equipped to deal with them on our own.

Debi Hamilton Counselling & Consulting is a professional psychology service for people who are experiencing emotional challenges and who would like to find a safe and thoughtful place in which to explore and deal with them.  These challenges can occur in any area of life—home, friendships, intimate relationships, the workplace—and they can manifest themselves in a wide range of symptoms—anxiety, panic, sadness, depression, irritation, anger, indecisiveness.

It is my pleasure to offer a range of personally-tailored services, and to work with clients who are committed to making headway with their lives, in a safe environment and with expert assistance.

I will work in concert with you, providing a high level of professional, attuned support to help you develop your own best solutions—to help you sail no matter the wind.


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I would love a dollar for every time someone has said to me that her/his depression has been caused by a “chemical imbalance in the brain,” as if this explained everything, including the necessary treatment (corrective chemicals in the form of antidepressants).

I have long been troubled by the ways we sometimes talk about depression—particularly when we describe it as a “disease,” as if it were as clearly identifiable and discrete a condition as chicken pox, or diabetes.

Yes, we need an...