Consultations in a time of Covid-19

In response to the challenge of no longer being able to see clients in my rooms, I am available for phone, Zoom and email consultations. Please feel free to contact me to discuss how this might work for you. We’re all in this together!

The basics

Symptoms of anxiety may range from agitation, trembling, stomach problems and diarrhoea to unstoppable negative thinking.  If anxiety is making it difficult for you to function socially or to perform properly at work, therapy may help.

More information

Anxiety disturbs most of us some of the time, but for some people it can be debilitating and quite life-spoiling.  Anxiety symptoms are manifestations of a necessary and healthy alarm system that keeps us safe from danger.  Unfortunately, for many of us this system can become over-sensitive, responding to things that are not actually dangerous, or responding to threats and challenges in an extreme and unhelpful way.

If anxiety is making it difficult for you to function, therapy may help.Over the years I have developed a personalised, practical approach for clients to deal with the way anxiety spoils their lives. Help is tailored to your specific symptoms and goals, and focuses initially on understanding and managing symptoms more effectively.

The good news about anxiety is that in most cases, working on dealing with symptoms, identifying triggers, learning some new skills, and in some cases making some lifestyle changes, is remarkably effective.

How may I help?

Why not contact me for a confidential, no-obligation initial chat about your circumstances to see whether I can help?


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