Consultations in a time of Covid-19

In response to the challenge of no longer being able to see clients in my rooms, I am available for phone, Zoom and email consultations. Please feel free to contact me to discuss how this might work for you. We’re all in this together!

The basics

Grief is a normal and generally adaptive response to the loss of a significant person or project in your life. Taking good care of yourself, talking to friends, and giving yourself a generous amount of space and time to adapt to your loss are things that usually work.

More information

Most people manage grief without professional help.  But sometimes there seems to be little understanding and support in the face on ongoing sadness.  Friends and relatives may soon send “aren't you over that yet?” messages.  You may have expected yourself to “move on” more quickly or more easily than you are in fact managing to.

Friends and relatives may soon send "aren't you over that yet?" messages.If you find yourself not coping with grief, it can help to come and talk with someone professional, or someone who is not part of your social network. Your grief may have become entrenched or become complicated by something, such as other difficulties or losses.

You may also have found that there is no longer anyone who is interested in talking with you about your loss.  People often tell me that after a few months, or sometimes even after a few weeks, friends and relatives are sending “Are you still talking about that/him/her?” kind of messages.

How may I help?

Why not contact me for a confidential, no-obligation initial chat about your circumstances to see whether I can help?


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