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Possibly the most common psychological problem to affect Australians, depression is characterised by a deep loss of hope, along with a cluster of other symptoms.

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Many people think that depression is about being constantly tearful, and it is true that many people who experience depression are sad and tearful.  However, some people do not cry in response to sadness or hopelessness, and may even be unaware of these underlying feelings.  But if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, and they are severe or persist for more than a few weeks, it is important to seek  help:

  • an ongoing sense that life is not worth living
  • sleeping difficulty
  • lack of pleasure in anything
  • social withdrawal, irritability
  • guilt
  • poor concentration.

Seek help if symptoms are severe or persist.For twenty years I have been helping people deal with and resolve depression. Starting with a thorough assessment of your particular symptoms and relevant history, and taking into account the kind of goals you would like to set for yourself, together we can design a range of practical things to do that will break the depressive pattern.

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I would love a dollar for every time someone has said to me that her/his depression has been caused by a “chemical imbalance in the brain,” as if this explained everything, including the necessary treatment (corrective chemicals in the form of antidepressants).

I have long been troubled by the ways we sometimes talk about depression—particularly when we describe it as a “disease,” as if it were as clearly identifiable and discrete a condition as chicken pox, or diabetes.

Yes, we need an...